BCA Memberships

Become a Member of the Bowness Community Association!

WHY?   Because….

  • The BCA is working to make Bowness the best community in Calgary, and we need your support
  • The individuals of the BCA take pride in Bowness and are striving to improve the quality of life for our residents
  • Active, connected communities are safer and better places to live
  • Your BCA works to enhance the unique heritage, character and interests of Bowness
  • Through community memberships, grants, casinos and special events, the BCA raises funds to support local programs, services and community facilities
  • Your community association influences transportation, roads, parks, playground development and traffic issues with the City of Calgary
  • Your BCA sponsors educational opportunities and community celebrations like the Bowness Icebreaker
  • Your BCA manages the Community Hall and Arena
  • Your community association advocates on behalf of the neighbourhood with the City of Calgary for effective and timely bylaw enforcement
  • Your BCA speaks for the community on regional issues such as major parks, major infrastructure projects in the area, or social issues
  • Through our website, the BCA communicates items of interest or importance for Bownesians
  • Your support will helps to keep your community healthy and attractive to old and new residents

Currently memberships are being sold at community events only.  Howerever we are working on setting up an online Membership purchase option as well as other purchase methods.  Please check the website for updates.

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