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Seniors and adult students helping each other

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Calgary Homeshare is an exciting new program that began in March 2010 as an 18-month pilot project to “help people help and support each other.”  An initiative of the Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society funded by the United Way of Calgary and Area, the Calgary Homeless Foundation and a United Way Special Gift donor, the program aims to bring together compatible seniors and postsecondary students and help them enter into an agreement of mutual support that will benefit both parties.

Calgary Homeshare serves Calgary homeowners aged 65 and over who have a room to offer and are willing to share their home with a “homeseeker,” defined as students over the age of 18 years who need affordable housing and are willing to exchange services for reduced living costs.

The anticipated benefits are many. Homeowners experience reduced housing costs and/or secure, affordable supports while homeseekers access affordable housing, often in a previously unavailable area. Both parties benefit from the company of the other and the security of having another person around. Seniors are more likely to be able remain at home with affordable support from a live-in companion.

Beyond the benefits to the individuals and families involved, the program could have a tremendous impact on the community at large, as homes are better preserved and maintained, affordable alternate housing is created and the intergenerational gap is bridged.

More information and applications are available at the Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society website, www.calgaryseniors.org.  or by calling the CSRS at 403-266-6200.

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