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From our Elected Representatives September/October 2010

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City Report: On The Record
from Dale Hodges, Alderman, Ward 1

Extension to Bowmont Park
In an earlier article for this newsletter, I provided some background information on the land previously owned by the Klippert family. The 50-acre site is located on the north side of the Bow River, directly below the escarpment adjacent to the south boundary of the Varsity community. The land had been included in many City parks planning documents as a future extension to Bowmont Park. As I mentioned in the earlier article, the Parks Department has contracted out the clean-up of old buildings and other debris on the site. That work began in mid-July and was expected to take two to three weeks. However some extensive remediation and rehabilitation work will need to be done in the future. The site is part of an ongoing saga which has yet to be concluded.

Stoney Trail/Nose Hill Drive Interchange
The Stoney Trail Extension Project connects Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) to the Queen Elizabeth II north highway. The four-lane divided roadway located in the northwest quadrant of the city includes an at-grade intersection at Nose Hill Drive.

AECOM has been engaged by Alberta Transportation for the design and construction management of the Nose Hill Drive Interchange. This new grade-separated interchange will remove the existing traffic signals on Stoney Trail and will provide improved access and safety while reducing travel time. The project will begin later this year, with estimated completion in the fall of 2013. A complete temporary detour system will be constructed around the interchange site so that hopefully traffic delays will be kept to a minimum.

For further information on the project, please visit the Province of Alberta’s website at http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/stnhdgp.htm.
If you have questions regarding this article or any other municipal issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.

403-268-2430, dale.hodges@calgary.ca

Legislative Report
from Alana DeLong, MLA, Calgary Bow

Veterans’ Plates
Members of the Canadian Forces are a huge part of our communities in Alberta. They are our neighbours, our friends, our family and fellow Albertans. They protect the lives and freedoms of people in faraway countries, assist in disaster relief around the world, and save the lives of Canadians through search and rescue efforts. In doing so, they sacrifice time away from loved ones. And for some, they sacrifice life and limb. To recognize their contributions to our province and country, the Alberta government is expanding the veterans’ licence plate program to include currently serving members of the Canadian Forces. Regular and reserve members with at least three years of active service can apply for the plate at no extra cost when they renew their vehicle registration. It is a way we, as Albertans, can thank them for their service to our country.

Norwest Lawn Bowling Club
The Norwest Lawn Bowling Club is one of the strongest clubs in Calgary, with members from across the city. Lawn bowling is one of the oldest sports still actively played and provides the benefits of fun, exercise, friendship and socialization. I am very pleased to announce that the Norwest Lawn Bowling Club recently received a Community Initiatives Program (CIP) grant in the amount of $9,717 to be used to purchase a new lawn roller packer.
“You will never know how much we seniors at Norwest Lawn Bowling Club appreciate receiving a roller packer through the CIP grant. We were so excited we were just about ready to have a party!” said club president Lorna Mathison. Many thanks to Lorna, Morris Johanson and Mrs. Couch for their efforts in putting forth the grant application. I am very proud to have this program located in the heart of my constituency. For more information about the club please call 403-286-4488.

PNWER Summit
I recently had the exciting opportunity to co-chair this year’s Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) Summit, held here in Calgary July 16–20. The event was an enormous success, with more than 500 delegates from the U.S. and western Canadian provinces coming together to discuss a broad range of shared policy issues around energy, the economy and the environment. Delegates had the opportunity to discover many wonders of Alberta, including visits to the Calgary Stampede, the oil sands and Banff/Lake Louise.

A special thanks to all my constituents who have taken the time to call, write and meet with me over the past several years. Your many well thought out comments and advice has been of immeasurable value to our government and to all the people of Alberta. As always, my staff and I are available to answer any questions and/or concerns that you may have.

Constituency: 403-216-5400
Legislature: 780-415-9459

visit Alana at facebook.com


Calgary School Board News

Support Public Education in Election 2010
What could be more important than helping Calgary children achieve their highest personal potential? And what can you do about it?
Get involved in supporting public education in this year’s civic election (mayor, aldermen, school trustees) on October 18, 2010.

Here are some ways you can show your support:

  • Run for CBE Trustee
  • Volunteer on a trustee candidate’s campaign
  • Vote!

Visit www.cbe.ab.ca/trustees for more infor­mation.

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