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A toast to good times past, present and future

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Among the summer’s highlights was the unveiling of two new installations in Bowness: a mural created by artist Nikki Gour and local youth through a Y.E.A.R. project, now mounted on the east face of the Boys & Girls Club, and the memorial monument in Mackintosh Park.

AS ANOTHER SUMMER in Bowness draws to a close I wanted to take a look back and acknowledge some of the events we were involved in and thank the folks that made them happen.

We started the summer with the Youth Art program hosted by local artist Nikki Gour. It was very successful and we look forward to the after-school program she’s lined up for fall (see page 8 for more details). Art!Bowmont’s first Art in the Park event at Shouldice Park was a terrific success for visitors and participating artists from Bowness and Montgomery. We hope to see this become an annual event.

The Lions’ Stampede Parade and Breakfast was bigger than ever this year, with ever-growing numbers of local organizations and businesses taking part. And the second annual Bownesians’ Picnic at Baker Park in July drew crowds from Bowness and beyond. Even a bit of rain couldn’t dampen the fun. Of course we’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming first annual Bowness Harvest Fair on Saturday, Sept. 11.

Our thanks go out to the many organizations and individuals that help make these community events possible. Bowness just keeps getting better and better as a place to be for a fun summer in the city!

In order to focus more on community events such as these, the BCA has decided to transition to a governance model. That means a few changes are necessary in the association’s organizational structure. Most importantly, we will be hiring an Executive Director to work with the community and to serve as our community liaison. I would like to thank Benchmark projects, and specifically Tim Ward, for taking care of this role for the last couple of years. The Community Hall has never looked so good!

Which makes this a great time for a community gathering. I’d like to take this ­opportunity to invite you to our upcoming Annual General Meeting Celebration, Monday, Oct. 25, from 6–8 p.m. at the hall—a wine and cheese affair for BCA members, community groups and interested residents. Child care will be available free of charge.

We will be holding elections for our Board of Directors at the AGM, and we’re looking to fill several ­important positions, including Vice-­president and Treasurer.

Cheers to co-operation and community spirit in contributing to the welcome uplift of a local plaza and park.

If you’re interested in taking charge and making something happen within the community, I encourage you to sign up. You can join the board as a director and take your role in the direction you see fit. This is a great opportunity to take ownership of your community.

Only BCA members may vote or run in directors’ elections at our AGM, and memberships must be current 30 days before the meeting.

If you’re not already a member, drop by the Community Hall office any weekday during office hours and, until Sept. 22, sign up for a free membership. That’s right, free. There’s a registration form on the last page of this issue of The Bowest’ner.

If you have any questions about the AGM, BCA membership or running for a director’s position, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The board can be reached at mybowness@gmail.com or by calling the Community Hall at 403-288-8300.

—Derek Podlubny

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