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Supporting older adults

Bowmont Seniors Assistance Association has a long history of providing support to seniors in the communities of Bowness, Montgomery and Greenwood Village. BSAA was founded by local residents with a passion for helping those in need and was officially incorporated in November of 1982.

In 2005, the area that BSAA provided services to expanded to include all the communities in the northwest area of Calgary. In 2007, the Board of Bowmont Seniors Assistance Association began to look at opportunities that would provide long-term security for the program and its staff.  A decision was made in July of 2008 to sign a partnership agreement with Calgary Family Services.  The employees of Bowmont Seniors Assistance Association joined the staff at Calgary Family Services.

There are now two teams of Outreach Workers that cover the North, West and Central areas of Calgary. In addition to providing outreach, Calgary Family Services also has a number of other programs that support older adults including counselling, senior support, various community development projects, and numerous educational sessions.

The Board of Bowmont Seniors Assis­tance Association continues to support outreach for older adults and the volunteer program by fundraising and by representing the views of older adults on issues that affect them.

For more information on Outreach for Older Adults or Bowmont Seniors Assistance Association please call 403-286-1811.

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