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Summer fun in Bowness

Annual Lions Club Bowness Stampede Parade

For better or worse, some of us can’t escape the ’hood for a summer holiday. Whether cash strapped, work obligated or whatever, our summer sojourns are not so much sipping cervezas on a houseboat off the Shuswap. More like a 7-11 slurpee and a sweet swan dive from the Bowmont train bridge. (Actually feet first is best, take my word on it.)

Fortunately, Bowness comes with benefits and features built right in to make a stay at home summer bearable. Our park system and river access run second to none in the city and local events like the Tour de Bowness, Bownesian’s Picnic and – the great granddaddy of gatherings – the Bowness Stampede Parade mix a little community spirit with the sunshine.

I’m reminded of one indelible impression from Bowness Stampede Parades past. Two oldsters perched on their “float” – a rusting Chrysler K car with nothing more than a poster board taped to the windshield done up in felt marker, earnestly proclaiming them to be ‘The Bowness Dart League and Social Club’. Hey, I’m not laughing at ‘em, I’m laughing with ‘em.

Yeah, our parade ain’t exactly pretty but our parks sure are and it’s this blend of grit and grace that distinguishes our grand old neighbourhood. In the right light on a warm night, Bowness is special enough to give you goosebumps in July.

So, Godspeed and back again all you summer travelers. I won’t pretend I don’t envy you. But for everyone staying behind, read on and you’ll find our social calender takes us right into August and after that lets just make it up as we go along. A little disc golf in Baker Park, some fishing under the bridge, maybe float the Bow. What? You don’t have a raft? Well I got an old inner tube…and some duct tape… and a felt marker….

Scott Penny, BCA Events

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