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Honouring our departed

A wonderful dedication ceremony for the Bowness Memorial Monument took place Saturday, June 26, in Mackintosh Park, with many Bowness residents and former residents in attendance. Our local alderman Dale Hodges, accompanied by his wife Yvonne, and our MLA Alana DeLong, were the keynote speakers. We graciously appreciate their kindness and the great interest they’ve taken in this project from its inception four years ago. Alana graced us with her beautiful voice, singing “Amazing Grace.”  Thank you, Alana!

Former Bowness resident and pastor of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Rev. Ted Becker, accompanied by his son Paul, and Foothills United Church minister Rev. Dawn Hermann gave the blessing for the monument. We also thank the BowMont Ministerial Group for their support.

Our tremendous thanks, as well, to Parks Foundation Calgary, represented by Lilly Llaguno and Dolores Skakuaye, who have supported us from the beginning and who, without hesitation, agreed to be our sponsors for the project. Kelly Gaulton from the City of Calgary Parks Department also worked with us from the start to make our idea happen. Julie Black at the Calgary Foundation was a tremendous help. Lorne Tucker at Somerville Memorials provided many helpful suggestions throughout. Inland Concrete donated the concrete for the foundation and their representative, Shane Evans, was very supportive.

Of course, we’re grateful to our corporate donors, whose names are engraved on the monument, and the multitude of other donors who wanted to remember family members by having their names inscribed.

Many Bowness clubs and societies were present and we thank them very much: the Bowness Legion Colour Party, the Bowness Seniors Centre, the Bowness Historical Society, the Society for Bowness Residents (now the Bowness Community Association Planning and Development Committee), the Bowness Community Association, BowMont All-Season Services for Seniors (BASS), the BowMont Resource Network, and the Bowness Lions who distributed refreshments generously supplied by Tim Horton’s. Thank you to Greg Skully of Tim Horton’s.

Our thanks, as well, to our musicians, The Bownesians, for providing us with wonderful music. If we have forgotten to mention anyone, please accept our apologies and our sincere thanks.

We will continue to collect names of beloved Bownesians who have passed on, to be engraved at a later date. Please contact us at 403-288-5561.

—Don and Marg Weber

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