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A new BCA, an all-new Bowest’ner

Meet your Bowness Community Association directors (left to right), back row: Derek Podlubny, Michelle Dice, Scott Penny; front row: Linda Flanagan, Carla Betzner, Niki Smyth, Merrit Penny

I HOPE YOU’RE ENJOYING the inaugural issue of the new Bowest’ner. We’ve missed our community newsletter over the past months; it really added to the uniqueness of Bowness. We’ve tried getting a blog going on our website, www.mybowness.com, but it hasn’t been met with the enthusiasm the newsletter’s always received. So in the firm belief this community needs a strong, steady voice we’ve ventured to publish it ourselves.

Our editor and production meister Brandi Dickman has asked me to extend her thanks to the hard-working volunteers on the BCA newsletter crew, to all the Bowness clubs, businesses and agencies that have contributed to our first issue, to our talented volunteer freelance writers and photographers, and to Bill Longstaff and Eilish Hiebert, long associated with the Cliff Bungalow–Mission Community Association, and Elspeth Snow of the Montgomery Messenger—who blazed the trails of community self-publishing in this town.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the BCA Board, who’ve worked tirelessly the past couple of years to keep our Community Hall and Sportsplex, and all the events and activities, functioning and fun. Thanks to Michelle, Carla, Linda, Niki, Merrit and Scott, as well as to Alane and Todd for helping us get up and running. A big thanks, too, to Diane Janota and Gini Clarke at the City, and Iris Spurrell from the United Way, whose guidance has been instrumental in steering us in the right direction.

I’m happy to chalk up another success for the BCA in getting this newsletter back in your hands, and I’m glad for the handful among us who’ve given greatly of their personal time to make it happen. But I can’t help but notice it was a handful, again. It kinda makes me wonder about the apparent sense of “community” in our community.

Everyone I talk to says how much they love Bowness—how it’s such a great place to live, with its “small-town feel” and sense of community. Yet I’ve been involved with the BCA for nearly three years, and we still have seven Board members and a few others taking care of everything around here.

It would be so great for more people to take ownership of making Bowness better, just by getting involved in something they like to do. You don’t have to pledge a set number of hours; sometimes all it takes is a few minutes at one community event.

The rewards are plentiful. A parent tells me how great it is to have her kids involved in a community event. A family tells me they wouldn’t have had a Thanksgiving dinner otherwise. A senior tells me she doesn’t get out much, but this was “just lovely.”

Like a lot of us, my family and I benefit greatly from BCA programs. It’s a good feeling to be part of making it all happen.

—Derek Podlubny, BCA president

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