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A community garden grows

DID YOU KNOW that recent statistics from the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute show that 48 per cent of adults enjoy being physically active through gardening? That food security and costs can be managed by growing your own vegetables and fruit? That Bowness now has another fantastic way to take part in this healthy lifestyle?

As you may have seen in recent months, there is a small property on Bowness Road just east of the railway tracks that is changing into something quite different than the rest of the landscape. The Bowness Railway Garden was founded by an anonymous donor with high stakes in the Bowness community. With support from the Calgary Horticultural Society, the United Way and CN volunteer employees, the plot is being transformed into a public gathering place where members are growing a terrific variety of fruits, veggies and flowers.

Early in April, gardeners met to determine needs, sign up for beds and decide on some of the things that will make the garden uniquely ours. The group quickly found that many of the gardeners had great skills and ideas to make the garden a wonderful place to be. By early June, all of the complex details of startup had been resolved and gardeners had begun planting. Today we have a thriving community garden all are welcome to visit.

All of the garden plots are in fact full for this year, but we do have a waiting list for next year. While on the waiting list, you are invited to join in collective efforts to plant and tend large group projects, such as flowers or ­pumpkins.

If you are interested in this project please e-mail bownessrailwaygarden@gmail.com or visit bownessrailwaygarden.blogspot.com.

—Jacqueline Saxby

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