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From our Elected Representatives July/August 2010

City Report: On The Record
from Dale Hodges, Alderman, Ward 1

Public Service Announcement: The City of Calgary launches new online Summer Recreation Guide and Interactive Map

The City of Calgary Recreation new online interactive program guide and map is now available.

The new map function offers a full view of Calgary, showing where each recreational facility is located, while virtual tours of many facilities allow a personal view of facility features and other amenities.

Visit calgary.ca/recreation/programs to view the online program guide and interactive map, and registration for summer programs begins May 3rd.  Swimming lesson registration is ongoing.  Registration also continues to be available over the phone by calling 403-268-3800.

The City of Calgary Recreation Department offers award-winning quality programs at a variety of convenient locations in every quadrant of the city including golf, fitness, arts, swimming, sailing, hiking, day camps and more.

For more information visit calgary.ca/recreation.

Integrated Pest Management
As we start moving into the spring growing season and an active Integrated Pest Management Program, Parks has created a web based advisory program for communities around notification of herbicide applications within the Integrated Pest Management program.  This is in addition to the signage protocol already used to provide notification at the park sites; before, during and after any application.

As per past years’ protocol; there continues to be no herbicide applications made without site inspections to verify that threshold levels on indicator plants have not been exceeded.

The web page will be updated on a weekly basis by Thursday of each week for work plans the following week.  Where we have rain delays, we will endeavour to have those changes on the web site as well.

Please use the following shortcut to link directly to the community Integrated Pest Management: http://www.calgary.ca/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_774248_0_0_18/Vegetation+Management+in+Parks.htm

If you have questions regarding this article or any other municipal issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.

403-268-2430, dale.hodges@calgary.ca

Legislative Report
from Alana DeLong, MLA, Calgary Bow

Seniors’ Week, June 7-13: “Celebrate the Past, Look to the Future”
Throughout June I visited senior residences in the constituency to celebrate seniors’ contributions to our communities. Seniors make an incredible difference in the lives of Albertans every day. From supporting family members and friends to assisting charities and volunteering, seniors are deeply involved in our communities and their contributions benefit Albertans of all ages. I encourage everyone to celebrate and pay tribute to seniors in your own special way.

New seniors drug plan
Implementation of the proposed New Seniors Drug Plan that would have taken effect in July 2010 has been delayed in order to take more time to make legislative and regulatory changes and to ensure this program aligns with other programs for seniors. We are not reversing a decision, but rather delaying the proposed implementation date primarily because of the legislative and regulatory changes needed, which are taking more time to complete than first envisioned. The existing program will continue in its current form. In other words, Albertans 65+ years are eligible for coverage under the existing plan, which includes a co-payment of 30% of each prescription’s cost to a maximum of $25 per prescription. It also includes coverage for prescription drugs, ambulance services, clinical psychological services and home nursing care.

Consultation begins on Alberta Health Act
Consultation on new Alberta health legislation is underway and Albertans are urged to provide their ideas on recommendations for the forthcoming Alberta Health Act. Albertans are invited to visit http://www.yourhealthact.alberta.ca throughout the spring and summer for updated information on the consultation process and to provide input.

Calgary Family Golf Centre
Thank you to all those who wrote me regarding the Calgary Family Golf Centre which is built on the provincially owned Transportation corridor. For several months now I have been working closely with the Golf Centre and Honourable Luke Quellette, Minister of Transportation, to minimize the impact upon the Golf Centre of the development of the Nose Hill Drive/Stoney Trail interchange.

I will continue to work with the Golf Centre toward the possible reopening after the interchange is completed. However, there may be a requirement to provide a large storm management facility to treat the additional storm water discharge. Given the restricted area available near the interchange for this storm water facility, it may need to be located on the provincially owned land currently being used by the Golf Centre.

A special thanks to all my constituents who have taken the time to call, write and meet with me over the past several years. Your many well thought out comments and advice has been of immeasurable value to our Government and to all the people of Alberta. As always, my staff and I are available to answer any questions and/or concerns that you may have.

Have a great summer everyone!

Constituency: 403-216-5400
Legislature: 780-415-9459

visit Alana at facebook.com

Calgary School Board News
from Gordon Dirks, Trustee, Wards 1 & 2

I have chosen not to run for re-election as Trustee for the Calgary Board of Education in 2010. I will remain Trustee until a new Trustee is elected for Wards 1 and 2.

Support Public Education in Election 2010
What could be more important than helping Calgary children achieve their highest personal potential? And what can you do about it?
Get involved in supporting public education in this year’s civic election (mayor, aldermen, school trustees) on October 18, 2010.

Here are some ways you can show your support:

  • Run for CBE Trustee
  • Volunteer on a trustee candidate’s campaign
  • Vote!

Visit www.cbe.ab.ca/trustees for more information. If you have any comments or concerns, I’d be happy to speak with you. Feel free to contact me.

403-294-8121, gedirks@cbe.ab.ca

Catholic School District News
from Serafino Scarpino, Trustee, Wards 1, 2 & Cochrane

There are several Catholic schools that serve students from the community of Bowness. To learn more about any of the schools listed below, please contact the school directly to schedule a tour.

  • Our Lady of the Assumption: Kindergarten–Grade 9. In addition to regular programming, the school offer a Science & Technology program option for junior high students.
  • École St. Pius X: Kindergarten–Grade 6. French Immersion only school for elementary students.
  • École Madeleine d’Houet: Grades 7–9. French Immersion bilingual school for junior high students.
  • St. Francis: Grade 10–12. Offers Advanced Placement and Extended French program options.
  • St. Mary’s: Grade 10–Grade 12. Offers Extended French, International Baccalaureate and Combined IB/Extended French Immersion program options.

For more information, please visit www.cssd.ab.ca or contact me directly.

403-500-2550, trustees@cssd.ab.ca

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