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Arts and Culture Event in Bowness! Saturday, June 19th, 2010

“Art in the Park”

art!Bowmont:  Art in the Park, lots of wonderful art Yoga and some great music.

Place: Shouldice Park (North West of the pool)

Date:  June 19th, 2010 (Alternate date due to torrential rain:  Sept. 18th).

Time:  1:00pm-4:00pm

There will be great Art, Paintings, sculpture, Prints, Ceramics, Yoga, and exceptional music. Hope to see you there! Oh, and don’t forget your Yoga mat!

Art-Bowmont  picart!Bowmont is an Artist Collective comprised of individuals of the visual arts community living in the  Montgomery and Bowness areas of Calgary.  The members of art!Bowmont gather once a month to share creative ideas, aspirations and artistic illumination. It is the diversity of the Group is what makes them unique, being a group of artists unified by intent rather than style.  Each artist within the group embraces a personal and distinctive style, using a diverse range of mediums and approaches to produce their equally striking works of art.

The members of art!Bowmont are; Joan Shearer, a painter with a firm tongue in cheek attitude and a way with colour, Ron Robinson who is a mixed media sculptor, Neil Liske, aka “the mud-slinger” a highly talented ceramicist. Nikki Gour, who works with found objects to generate her ideas and concepts to create thought provoking sculptures, and David Handford, a transplant from Manchester who can capture your soul with charcoal.

The neighbourhoods of Bowness and Montgomery are unique and vibrant communities with a rich history and a strong identity.  Come and experience an afternoon full of fun and unique, artistic interpretations in a beautiful outdoor setting, where community visual artists come together in a first, annual group art exhibition and sale.

Opportunites for Artists in Calgary
The City of Calgary Public Art Program is proud to offer local, national and international artists the opportunity to apply for a wide range of public art commissions.  Please
click here to see the current opportunites for Artists on The City of Calgary website.

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