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West LRT Development

Keep your community safe – Slow Down

As I am sure you are all aware, construction is underway on the West LRT development.

This is an exciting project that will benefit many Calgarians in the long run, but will undoubtedly cause some disruption in the short term.

This disruption will not only impact local residents, but also those that travel through our community.

Calgary_train To help address specific issues, the Calgary Police Service set up a working group that meets on a regular basis with community leaders, construction project managers, the Aldermanic Office and the City of Calgary.

While the City is responsible for the construction and setting the speed limits in and around the construction zones, our priority is to ensure public safety.

This includes the safety of construction workers, motorists and pedestrians.

Last year, 229 people were injured and seven people died in collisions in constructions zones in Alberta. A significant factor in these collisions is speed.

One of the key aspects in keeping people safe is to ensure that people drive through the construction zones at the posted speeds.

Due to the complex nature of the construction, there will be regular changes to construction zones, road layout, speed limits and lane closures.

As such, there will be periods of time when motorists will have to adjust to these changes. During these ‘adjustment’ phases, our priority will be education rather than enforcement.

Where possible, we will continue to educate the public. However, fines are sometimes a necessary component of enforcement to help educate the public about traffic safety and alter driving habits.

Please be considerate when driving through construction zones. Be vigilant and stick to the posted speed limits to ensure that everyone gets home safely.

If you have a concern about traffic in your community related to the construction, please call Community Liaison Officer Constable Jud Niven at the District 2 Office at 403-567-6200 or your Aldermanic Office.

For the latest traffic information, please visit www.westlrt.ca

Thank you for slowing down and keeping everyone safe.

Cst. J. Niven

Community Liaison Officer

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