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Bowness Icebreaker Next Weekend!!!

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments


This event is a blast!  Free fun for the whole family and a chance to meet some of the folks in your neighbourhood.

  1. scott
    January 26, 2010 at 6:22 am

    Why IceTrike and Why the Icebreaker?
    Community surveys of Bowness indicated pretty clearly that residents wanted to see more special events akin to the Stampede parade. At the same time The Bowness Community Association had newly reformed and wanted to encourage residents to become active members.
    Free family events like a kid’s carnival are the cliche in this case simply because they have the broadest appeal. And certainly that’s been our starting point for the IceBreaker. We got the face painters, balloons, jumpcastle, etc. etc. The kids are taken care of.
    But as a self serving introverted adult parent, my concerns at functions like this are largely for myself. While the kids are having a blast, what do I do besides
    hug the wall and a cold cup of coffee, making miserable attempts at conversation with likewise conflicted adults.
    And so we call it the Icebreaker and try to use the function as a forum for a more active, significant conversation to start up. For instance, what are we doing right now today to improve quality of life in Bowness?
    On Sunday, when your eyes start to drift to your feet, please look to the BCA info booth and review the projects that BCA will be initiating in 2010. Consider which project you could potentially help out with as a community lead, or community hand and if the spirit moves you, sign on. In my experience, active involment in a shared project within the community is the only real “icebreaker” to speak of and effectively kills small talk dead.
    After that, if your still searching for meaning and the kids still don’t wanna leave, come on over to IceTrike on the arena side. The trikes are adult size, first second and third prize are gigantic button ribbons emblazoned in BCA colours and gold lettering. It was remarked last year that the ribbon looked like something “you’d tack on a horse’s ass” .
    Hey man, call me a jackass, but personally I’d rather be triking than talking.

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